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Barra and Vatersays Beaches



Barra's west and northern coasts are famous for their large sandy beaches which are hit with the full force of the Atlantic Ocean.

The north of the island is home to Traigh Mhor which is the airport beach which is a large, sheltered bay, but across the dunes is Traigh Eais which is a wild and battered beach,

The east coast is rockier with smaller beaches, but on clear days have views over to the small isles and Skye.


The famous beaches on Vatersay are the twin beaches by the village. The contrasting shores highlight the power of the waves from the Atlantic on the west beach, and the shelter of the natural harbour of the east beach.
At the south of the island, Sout Beach is a secluded beach with views over to the Bishop Isles.

There are a string of quiet beaches along the Uidh peninsula which look over into Castlebay. 

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