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Barra and Vatersays

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There are plenty of prehistoric sites across the islands. A dun is a medieval fort which were used until the 7th century. Across both islands, there are several duns and galleried forts which have fabulous views over the islands.


Standing Stones

Barra has a couple of standing stone sites. Brevig Standing Stone is the tallest stone which is still standing. There are stones in different parts of Barra and Vatersay which have fallen or smaller stones.
For more information on the standing stones then pop into Bùth Bharraigh for more information, or join in one of the ranger walks.



Catholicism has been active on the island since the 7th century, and is still the main religion on the island to date. There are five Catholic Churches and one Church of Scotland churches on the island.

Cille Bharra is the oldest relgious site on the island and is the home of the replica stone which has early Christian and Nordic runes on it, showing how both cultures lived together on Barra from the from the 900's.


Abandoned Villages

Both Barra and Vatersay still have remains of abandoned villages, as does Mingulay. For various reasons, villages were left abandoned, leaving only the shells of houses and villages for us to see. Many stories about the history surrounding the reasons the villages became abandoned are available in books, stories and songs. 

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